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Elliot Leigh Tenants

Here you can find information and resources regarding your Elliot Leigh Tenancy

Tenant Information 

Inspections & repairs

We are required to inspect your property on a regular basis. Prior to any inspection, we will contact you by telephone or letter to arrange a suitable time.


No pets are allowed to be kept on the property. This is stated in your tenancy agreement.

Property Changes

Should you wish to make changes to the property, you must first request permission from Elliot Leigh - contact us

Paying Bills

As a tenant you are responsible for paying the Gas, Electric, Water Rates, Council Tax & Tel / Broadband.

Property Care

You must ensure that you look after the property and gardens. Property must be kept clean and tidy. Grass must be cut and vegetation and shrubs cut back. 

Agreement Rules

It is important that you observe the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. Failure to abide by these obligations may result in further action taken against you by the landlord or the council - contact us for a copy of your agreement.


You must not carry out illegal activities in the property. You must report repairs to Elliot Leigh immediately. You must allow access to Elliot Leigh when requested. When you move out you must ensure any damages are repaired.


Should you wish to make a complaint please write to us, email us or request a customer complaints form. We will then respond within 14 days.

Moving Out

When you have been informed that you will be moving out of the property, you must contact us as soon as possible so a convenient time can be booked to arrange a ‘check out'.

Your Responsibilities

As a tenant you are responsible for certain items on the property, please contact us​ if you're unsure as to what you're responsible for as this forms part of your tenancy agreement.

How to  report a repair 

Contacting Us

To report a problem in a property, please complete the form online here. Our dedicated maintenance team will be happy to help.


For Elliot Leigh TLC queries, call 0203 879 9030


If there is an emergency at your property, Elliot Leigh must be contacted immediately as well as the relevant emergency service so the problem can be addressed quickly and the correct action taken. Call 0208 983 4444 (Option 3 for Maintenance) 

Emergencies outside of office hours

 Call the emergency number on 07817 031587.
 Leave your name, telephone number, property address and description of the emergency.
 You will receive a call back to decide the immediate action to be taken.

Gas Emergencies

  • Turn off the gas supply.

  • Call Cadent on 0800 389 8000
    Open all doors and windows to expel gas.

  • Put out naked flames.

  • Don’t smoke.

  • Don’t turn on electric switches.

  • Wait for an engineer from the Cadent to attend.
    Call the emergency number on 07817 031587.


  • Turn off water using stop-cock.

  • Call the emergency number on 07817 031587.

Electrical Failure

Call your electric supplier.
Call the emergency number on 07817 031587.

For more information please call 0203 879 9030

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