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Our Services

We provide shared, standalone and studio accommodation for young people in care between the ages of 16 to 25. Our sole aim is to ensure our accommodation provides an environment which is safe and feels like a home. We serve Local Authorities throughout London & surrounding areas.

16 & 17 Services

We aim to support young people to develop their independence in preparation for adult living while keeping them safe in a homely and nurturing environment.

18-25 Services

We use a strengths-based approach to 18 - 25 services which looks at what skills and assets a young person has and how we can best support them. We involve young people in every important decision.

Parent & Baby

We research and promote engagement with relevant outside agencies, child health clinics and family information services. We also provide emotional support making sure young parents are in good mental health to have the capacity to effectively care for their children.

Asylum Seekers

Our mission is to offer better living conditions and opportunities to Asylum Seekers. Here, we help with everything from Health Registration to establishing bank accounts and much more.

Engaging Young People

Engaging young people with our preparation for independence; individually tailored to suit their requirements. 

Involving Young People

Involving young people in every decision, enabling them to develop confidence and decision-making skills.

Utilising key work sessions

Utilising key work sessions with a support worker, focussing directly on skills in a supportive manner 

Reflective Understanding

Using key work sessions to help each young person gain a reflective understanding of what motivates them


Signposting the young person to online resources to help them develop interests and pursue self-development


Holding group sessions for education, CV, job hunting, and interview drop-in sessions to help young people build their skills.

Community Engagement

Helping the young people with community engagement through signposting, accompanying them to activities, or helping to build relationships.

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