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Our Homes

We provide high quality accommodation throughout London & surrounding areas to local authorities, helping to set up a home to support 16 to 25 years olds in need. Our properties are well equipped, offering privacy, security and a sense of wellbeing. 

We pride ourselves on having access to a portfolio of properties that are of a very high standard. Our homes have been created to provide a secure and safe place for everyone we accommodate. All of our properties provide the following:

It's more than just a room...


Furnished Kitchen

Our kitchens come fully furnished with all the utilities and equipment a young person needs to get started in their new home.

Communal Areas

Our accommodation has communal areas to allow our young people to socialise and meet others. The communal areas come equipped with a TV as well.

Furnished Bedrooms

Each young person is provided with their own furnished room. Rooms will have a lock for personal privacy allowing access to that individual and their designated worker in case of an emergency.

WiFi Throughout

Wifi is provided throughout our properties. We ensure the wifi is fast and reliable.

Starter Packs

We provide our young people with some basic essentials when they first move into our accommodation, to help ease them into their new home. 

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