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Asylum Seekers

Our mission is to offer better living conditions and opportunities to Asylum Seekers. Here, we help with everything from Health Registration, to establishing bank accounts and much more.

  • Our mission is to offer better living conditions and opportunities to Asylum Seekers. We do this by offering the following:

    • Health Registration such as GP, Opticians and Dental

    • Establishing Bank Accounts eg. Opening a bank account and how to budget and save efficiently

    • Helping to achieve goals whether this is to do with education, language skills and much more

    • Providing participation in activities and meeting cultural needs

    • Offering independent living skills

    • Assisting in employment eg. writing a CV or training and development

  • We are incredibly proud of our key workers who have extensive knowledge and experience in supporting young people in care. Our key workers work effectively to help young people overcome many issues. To find out more about our key workers, click here.

  • We offer specialist 24/7 therapeutic support for children in need. Elliot Leigh TLC has accommodated over 1,010 young people with complex and emotional behavioural difficulties. Our expertise and services include 24/7 therapeutic support, dedicated specialist staff, support with emotional behavioural difficulties self Harm, Autism and drug / alcohol abuse.

What do we offer?

 As well as providing safe and secure accommodation for UASC, we set and help them achieve their goals from education to language skills, learning about health to staying safe and making a positive contribution to the communities in which they live. Our goal is always to promote a pathway to independent living through employment support, volunteering, training and development.

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