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Rent Guarantee

We will take the property and guarantee the rent throughout the contract.

Long Term Contracts

We offer flexible tailor made contract for up to 10 years.

Expert management

Our experience staff take over full management of the property.

No void periods

Landlords do not need to worry about empty rooms or properties as the rent is guaranteed.

Free repairs / refurbishments

We will complete free minor repairs at a property and will complete refurbishments works
during void periods.

Hassle free service

We will take the risk and hassle out of renting your property and make the landlords life
much easier.

Learn more

Chat, Call or Use the Forms to connect with us to learn more

If you are a landlord with an HMO or a property you feel could be used as a HMO and are considering converting this to increase your income we can help. Due to our experience and expertise in this area Elliot Leigh can provide advice on this and help landlords with the additional  regulation / standards needed to rent a property as an HMO.


HMO Experts

HMO properties can achieve considerably higher rents but are subject to additional requirements / regulation and need to be closely managed by someone with experience. Elliot Leigh can take the risk and hassle out of renting HMO properties by managing the entire property and guaranteeing the rent on a long term contract.

We have decades of experience managing both HMO’s and hostels. We provide advice on maximising your income, applying for a license, on the additional regulatory requirements,
guaranteeing the rent, management of the property and minimising the landlord’s risk.

Our HMO Dedicated Services