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Top Tips for Renters | Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent

Renting a home is a very exciting process, whether you are looking to downsize or move into a new area, renting gives you flexibility and independence. However, it can be a daunting process, regardless of whether you’ve been renting for years or it’s your first time.

There’s a lot to remember during your search for a property. As estate agents who have been working in guaranteed rent for a number of years, our guide of top tips for renters means you’ll know the type of questions to ask at every stage.

Before You Start Looking

Before you start browsing, check your finances and get an idea of what you can afford each month. The average monthly cost of rent is 35% of your regular wage, but remember to also budget in for gas, electric, water, internet and council tax. You may also need to pay a deposit, this should be no more than 5 weeks rent due to a change in the law.

List what is important to you, what are your non-negotiables? Is parking important? Do you want to keep a pet? Do you need a specific number of bedrooms? Let your estate agents know what your non-negotiables are and they will be able to find relevant properties.

Choosing a Letting Agent

Make sure you choose a trusted and responsible letting agent to help with your search. You should seek out local recommendations and test the agent’s knowledge of the area as well as their knowledge of house prices.

You should also search for an agent who is ARLA Property Mark protected, such as our guaranteed rent estate agents at Elliot Leigh. These agents are best trained and are required to keep up to date with complex legislation and best practice. They are also backed by Property mark’s Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme, which means that you and your money are safeguarded.

Looking for Your New Home

Once you have pinpointed an area, checked the transport links and your daily commute you can start to get a feel for an area and decide whether it is somewhere you’d be happy to live. Then, you can start viewing properties.

Once you are at the property try not to get swept up by the appearance, remember the important details too. You could ask to see a gas safety certificate, see whether there are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Check all windows and doors lock well.

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