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How to Find the Right Guaranteed Rent Scheme

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Guaranteed Rent is a scheme designed to ensure that a landlord has minimal hassle when letting their property. The basic principle of guaranteed rent is fairly simple; the landlord and letting agent enter into an agreement which effectively makes the letting agent the landlord’s tenant. However, there are different products, policies and schemes which can be backed by letting agencies, councils and insurance. It is important to decide what is right for your personal circumstances, so we have provided our top tips for finding the right Guaranteed Rent Scheme for you...

Choose a Guaranteed Rent Company with a Good Network

It’s best to look for a Guaranteed Rent Scheme that has a good range of contacts in the industry, such as the quantity and quality of their partnerships with Local Authorities. This often ensures good tenants are found and that the home is well cared for. Furthermore, companies that have been in the business for a long time will be able to offer you the best rent possible due to this high number of partnerships.

Ensure they have in-house maintenance

You want to choose an agency that uses the same plumbers, painters and plasterers so that you get consistency every time, whilst feeling reassured that your property is in safe hands. While you might not think these things matter, they do. If you prefer to source your own maintenance team, or do it yourself, ensure that the Guaranteed Rent Scheme you’re choosing allows this!

Does the company offer a full rental service for Guaranteed Rent?

Rental agencies vary so it’s crucial to find one that fits your needs and requirements perfectly. You may want to opt for a Guaranteed Rent agency that offers a full rental service, involving all aspects of property management, providing you with a seamless experience. Before signing with an agency, it is recommended to meet and discuss those agents you plan on using to understand more about the company.

Consider Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent

For over 20 years, Elliot Leigh have worked in partnership with Local Authorities and housing associations, allowing us to provide the best rent & service. All of our staff are friendly, well trained and dedicated to ensuring we meet a client’s demands and expectations. We have a number of in-house specialist contractors such as gas safe engineers and electricians to minimise landlord costs. Plus, we have numerous multi trade operatives, painters and cleaners who are all qualified and experienced in their relevant field. Click to find out more about Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent.

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