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How to choose the right Guaranteed Rent agency

When you have a vacant property, a guaranteed rent agency can be an important service to use. Renting a property isn’t difficult but requires a lot of effort on your part. You need to advertise the property, list with letting agents and find a suitable tenant. Then there is the administrative side of it along with repairs and everything else. It’s a major headache. That is why more people turn to guaranteed rental agencies than ever before. So, what should you consider when choosing a guaranteed rental agency?

They have a good network of contacts

When you use the services of a guaranteed rent agency, you want to know that your property is in good hands. It’s best to look at an agency that has a good range of contacts in the industry. For instance, a guaranteed rent agency should work alongside the local authorities as well as local housing associations to find suitable tenants. This often ensures good tenants are found and that the home is well cared for.

Have in-house maintenance

You may also want to consider a guaranteed rent agency that deals with all maintenance in-house. For instance, the agency not only deals with the necessary maintenance but has a fully equipped team to do so. You want an agency that uses the same plumbers, painters and plasterers so that you get consistency every time. While you might not think these things matter, they do.

Offer a full rental service

Despite what you might think, rental agencies vary so it’s crucial to find one that fits your needs and requirements perfectly. You may want to opt for a guaranteed rent agency that offers a full rental service. It means the guaranteed rent agency deals with everything related to letting the property, including finding new tenants and taking care of maintenance issues.

Find the best guaranteed rent agency

Guaranteed rent can be a great idea for any property owner because it’s viable and offers a stable monthly income. Choosing a guaranteed rental agency can be far easier than you think. It’s important to make sure the agency offers a full rental service, has a wide range of contacts within the industry and deals with all tenancy-related issues. This will make life easier for you and ensure your property has the best tenants too. A guaranteed rent agency ensures your property is in the best hands.

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