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Home Energy Model: Everything You Need to Know

House roof with solar panels

In December 2023, the UK Government released consultations on the Home Energy Model (HEM), a replacement for the Standard Assessment Period (SAP) that is currently used to calculate EPC Ratings, which are currently in review. Below we discuss everything that you need to know.

What is the Home Energy Model?

As the consultation states, the Home Energy Model, a Government calculation methodology, is "a new name for a new methodology". It has been designed to assess the energy performance of homes within the UK, in replacement of the SAP, in order to achieve the Government's housing & climate goals.

Whilst the Home Energy Model is still under development, it is said that properties will undergo additional checks in this new procedure, making it likely that they will take longer to undertake. As part of these additional checks, you can expect the following:

  • Additional assessments of rooms in the roof of properties

  • Taking measurements of all windows in the property

  • The introduction of new age bands for properties built in 2023 and onwards

  • The use of power diverters and battery storage used with solar panels will now be taken into account

  • Assessors will be increasing their recommendations of heat pumps

Why are the changes being made?

Whilst Rishi Sunak abandoned plans to introduce a minimum EPC rating of C in all rental properties by 2028, the Government’s net zero targets are still in place, with the aim to reach these goals by 2050. The Government states that this new model will lead to several benefits such as increased flexibility, greater clarity and accountability.

Currently, energy performance is based on the efficiency of heating a home using gas as this has historically always been the cheapest and most effective way. However, this has meant that those that have upgraded to an electrical heating system, such as a heat pump, have often seen poor scores.

The new model will now be focussing on carbon efficiency, providing more accurate ratings through in-depth analysis of the property. These assessment will also take the age and type of property into account in order to provide information on how improvements can be made.

What will happen to my current EPC?

It has been confirmed that the new training system has already been implemented, signalling that changes to the model will being going ahead.

The current proposals indicate that the new system is scheduled to begin in April of next year. Whilst there has been no update to what will happen to existing EPCs, there is speculation that they will be allowed to remain until they expire. It is important to note that this has not yet been confirmed. 

At Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent, your property will be inspected every 8 - 12 weeks by our designated Property Inspectors. Our Property Inspectors ensure the property is maintained to a standard and can advise on any work that could support making a property more energy efficient.

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