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End of Tenancy Checklist for Landlords

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Tenancies can come to an end for a variety of reasons, whether its the end of a fixed term contract or the Landlord/tenant wishes to end the tenancy early. We understand that this process can be stressful for a Landlord so we have made a checklist of essentials to do when your tenant is moving out.

Confirming the End of a Tenancy

If you’re ending a tenancy before the fixed tenancy expires, you will need to make sure you give the tenant notice - this is usually a minimum of 28 days but is dependent on your tenancy agreement. The same goes for a tenant; if they plan on leaving they have to give you notice. The period they have to give is dependent on the tenancy agreement. Once the landlord or tenant has given notice, this needs to be confirmed in writing. This must include the proposed move out date.

Tip: Don’t allow tenants to pay the last month's rent with their security deposit in case of damage to the property.

Carry Out an Inspection Before Your Tenant Moves Out

As a Landlord, you should carry out an inspection a few weeks before the move out date so you can discuss any issues with tenants before they move out. This is in both tenant and landlord’s interest; it means the tenant should get their deposit back in full, as they have time to amend any issues, and as a landlord you will have less maintenance to do between tenancies.

Remember to also inspect the property once the tenant has moved out to work out any deposit deductions that need to be made and ensure that the property is in a fit state for any new tenants.

How to Check Out a Tenant

Checking the tenant out is one of the most important steps at the end of the tenancy. To carry out your check-out you need to visit the property and check it against the inventory that was done when the tenants originally moved in. This is when you will decide any deductions from the deposit so it can be helpful to have the tenant present. This will allow you to discuss your deductions with the tenant and for them to arrange for anything to be fixed.

The check-out is also for you to take your final meter readings and also explain to the tenant how the deposit return will work.

Agree Deposit Deductions with Tenants

After deciding any deductions to be made from the deposit, this has to be sent, with details, to the tenant. Once the amount is agreed, you will organise how to send it back. If you and your tenant cannot reach an agreement, you'll have to refer to you deposit scheme and open up a Dispute Resolution Case. Once the final amount is agreed, you'll have 10 days to return the deposit to the tenant. If the deposit is held in a scheme you will have to notify them of this.

Ensure Your Tenants Have Cleaned Properly

It is likely that your tenant will have done a deep clean or hired a professional cleaner to clean the property as it is a requirement to return it in the condition it was in when they moved in. If they haven't returned it in the state of move-in then this would be something you consider deducting from the deposit.

The following are spots that are often missed:

  • Outdoor spaces should be trimmed and tidied

  • The fridge freezer needs to be thoroughly deep cleaned and defrosted where necessary

  • Ensure grime has been cleaned from extractors

  • Check for limescale on taps/shower heads and any mould in the grout between tiles

  • Take off sofa cushion for any dirt.

Prepare for Your Next Tenancy

While the property is empty, this is your chance to repair and refurbish the property. This will make sure it is ready for viewings and/or your prospective tenants.

We understand that the end of a tenancy can get quite hectic for a landlord. That's why at Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent, we do free refurbishments, refreshing the property every time a tenant moves out, before a new tenant moves in. On top of this, our dedicated property inspectors will visit the property every 8 weeks throughout the tenancy, with our maintenance team performing minor repairs, free of charge. We also undertake the check-in and check-out process on behalf of you, making your job as a landlord hassle-free. Find out more benefits of our Guaranteed Rent Scheme.

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