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Elliot Leigh exhibits at the Summer Landlord Investment Show

On the 4th of July, Elliot Leigh made it's second appearance of the year at the Landlord Investment Show, located at the Old Bilingsgate in London. This event, which took place just a day before the highly anticipated UK general election, was marked by a palpable sense of uncertainty among landlords and property investors.

The Landlord Investment Show, known for being a pivotal event for property professionals, was buzzing with discussions and seminars aimed at navigating the ever-evolving property market. Elliot Leigh's exhibition attracted a considerable crowd of attendees keen to gain insights and advice from the seasoned property experts including founders Elliot Altman and Leigh Young.

Given the political climate, much of the conversation at the show cantered around the potential impact of the general election on the property market. With early predictions of a change in government for the first time in over a decade, landlords expressed concerns over policy changes that could affect rental regulations, taxation, and housing supply.

In addition to offering guidance, Elliot Leigh showcased their comprehensive property management services and innovative solutions designed to help landlords maximise their returns and navigate regulatory complexities.

The Landlord Investment Show, despite the underlying tension due to the election uncertainty, proved to be a success for Elliot Leigh. With a proactive approach and commitment to supporting and educating landlords through unpredictable times resonated well with the attendees, leaving a lasting impression.

As the nation headed to the polls on the 5th of July, the insights and strategies shared by Elliot Leigh at the show undoubtedly provided landlords with a sense of preparedness, regardless of the election outcome.

Elliot Leigh will be exhibiting again at the Landlord Investment Show on October 30th in London - we hope to see you there!

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