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Elliot Leigh exhibits at the first Landlord Investment Show of 2024

On March 6th, Elliot Leigh had the pleasure of attending the National Landlord Investment Show, a fantastic gathering of landlords, investors, and property professionals. It was an eventful day filled with networking opportunities, cutting-edge insights, and a glimpse into the future of property management.

Elliot Leigh had the chance to mingle with experienced landlords and industry leaders, exchanging ideas and stories. It was a reminder that our community's strength lies in collaboration and shared knowledge.

Leigh Young (Director of Elliot Leigh) said, "Meeting landlords from different backgrounds was enriching. The show created an environment where we could learn from each other's successes and setbacks. Plus educate new or prospecting landlords on our own experiences of the market over the last few decades."

Seminars and Workshops

The show also featured seminars and workshops led by industry experts. With sessions covering legal updates, financial planning, and emerging market trends. These sessions equipped attendees with insights to make informed decisions in a dynamic property market.

Educating landlords on our core values

The show has become a catalyst for future growth and collaboration within our community. With the housing crisis in full effect it's important for us to educate landlords on our core values and how our service benefits our local communities. Especially households living in hotel rooms or guest houses, with little to no hope of when they will have a place they can call home.

Elliot Leigh will be back at upcoming Landlord Investment shows in London this year. We look forward to meeting more of you.

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