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Are landlords selling up? Elliot Leigh poll results revealed!

With potential changes in landlord regulations from the pending Renter's Reform bill and house sales on the rise - it led us to wonder, what are landlord plans this year?

This time last year, a lot of uncertainty in the market sparked some landlords to panic and sell up. This year, house prices are lower than average and the high rental demand remains consistent, making it a good time for landlords to stick around and possibly even expand their portfolio.

We asked our landlords what their plans are, and over 100 responses later - here are the results:

48% have no plans

33% are selling some

10% are selling all

9% are expanding their portfolio

Some of our landlords have even said:

"We are looking expand our portfolio and on board new properties with ElliotLeigh"
"I've no plans of selling if your service stays the same as the years I have been with you"
"Looking to the north to get better value for money"
"Plan to sell 2026"

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you.

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