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5 Top Tips for Landlords

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Whether you’re thinking of becoming a landlord for the first time or you’re a well-seasoned landlord with a significant portfolio, it's essential to be proactive and up to date on what you should be doing. Read on to find our top tips for Landlords.

Screen Tenants

When screening a prospective tenant you should seek their rental history, whether they've been evicted and why, whether they pay their other bills and if they have a stable job history. Ensure you know your tenant’s salary to feel reassured that they can afford the rent you’re asking for, and don’t be afraid to ask them to provide a guarantor if you feel that the salary they have provided is not sufficient. As long as you comply with the law, it's up to you on the tenant you settle with but you should have a screening process in place and apply the same rules across the board to avoid discrimination complaints.

Keep Up with Laws and Legislations

Laws for landlords can be a trouble spot, particularly with the upcoming Renters’ Reform Bill. It is estimated that there are more than 170 rules and regulations that apply to the private rented sector. These are often changed and updated meaning it can be a real nuisance for Landlords.

Landlords may be subject to hefty fines if they fail to meet their obligations where the government is concerned. The best way to stay informed would be to join an organisation, such as the National Landlord Association (NLA). Organisations such as these will communicate regularly with members regarding changes in legislation. Landlord forums can also be a very helpful source of advice from other landlords who may have faced similar legalities. 

Due to the changing legislations that the housing market will be subject to in the next year, now is more important than ever to keep in the loop if you are not already.

Be Professional

As a landlord, you want your tenants to treat your property as they would their own. One of the best ways to do this is to show them you take your role as a Landlord seriously & form a good working relationship. To do so, you should always be polite and respectful to prospective tenants before and after they sign a lease. Not only will this help resolve any issues with your tenant, it may also lead to referrals for quality tenants and make your job easier. It will also increase the likelihood that you tenants will choose to renew their lease, saving you the extra stress of finding suitable tenants in the future.

Top tip: Get a phone that is strictly designated to enquiries related to your properties. This gives you the much needed privacy to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Respect Your Tenant's Privacy

It's a legal requirement for you to give tenants at least 24 hours  notice before you enter the property for anything other than a true emergency, even if they have failed to pay their rent. Your lease agreement should specify the reasons you might need to enter a property. We’d recommend that you also establish a preferred method of contact with tenants, such as letters or phone calls but remember to stay consistent with your chosen method.

Further to this, be mindful of GDPR as you have access to your tenant's confidential information. Be sure you are storing this in a safe and secure way and not sharing it as this would be illegal.

Consider Property Management

We understand that being a Landlord can be a tedious, costly job, particularly if you are managing a growing property portfolio. Whether you’re an experienced landlord or you’ve purchased your first buy to let home, property management services can improve your experience as a landlord in more ways than one, saving you time & money. With letting professionals managing your property you can feel rest assured that your investments are in safe hands.

For over 20 years, Elliot Leigh has offered an alternative to traditional letting, working in partnership with Local Authorities and housing associations, allowing us to provide the best rent & service. All of our staff are friendly, well trained and dedicated to ensuring we meet a client’s demands and expectations. Our scheme offers the following benefits to our Landlords:

  • Guaranteed Monthly Income

  • Compliance & Safety Checks

  • Free Minor Repairs (T&Cs Apply)

  • No Void Periods

  • No Rent Arrears

  • 24/7 Maintenance

We have a number of in-house specialist contractors such as gas safe engineers and electricians to minimise Landlord costs. Plus, we have numerous multi-trade operatives, painters and cleaners who are all qualified and experienced in their relevant field.

Click to find out more about the benefits at Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent.

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