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Celebrating 20 years of Elliot Leigh: A trip down memory lane with our founders

2023 marks a special year for Elliot Leigh, as it's our 20th year of providing Guaranteed Rent Schemes within London and Essex boroughs. To mark this milestone, we took a trip down memory lane with our founders - and long time friends - Elliot Altman and Leigh Young, who take it back from where it all began, through to where the company is now.

The History of Elliot Leigh

Elliot and Leigh met at a young age through their fathers, who were also close friends for a long time. Both parties had interest in business and property and as young boys, the two quickly became involved in the property industry having started the journey with their parents.

After conventionally letting properties they had purchased, the two wanted to do some good with the properties they had acquired by providing the properties for social housing, partnering with their local council in Tower Hamlets. This is when Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rents was born in 2003. As well as providing homes for those who were unable to afford letting privately, the scheme was designed to benefit landlords, removing the hassle of property management and putting their properties in the hands of Elliot Leigh's in-house team, complete with property managers, inspectors and maintenance engineers. In exchange, landlords would have the guarantee that their rent is paid monthly, regardless of any void periods. Elliot Leigh are now the largest supplier of social housing to Tower Hamlets and have expanded their offering from one bedroom flats to multi-unit HMOs, to most boroughs in London and Essex.

Despite a successful business, Elliot and Leigh have continued to invest in properties and developments themselves, with the intention of supplying quality homes from their own portfolios. Not only this, with their experience combined, it has allowed them to form relationships with other investors and property developers, guiding them through the process of making a property fit for purpose.

In the past 20 years, Elliot Leigh have paid out over £400million in guaranteed rent and helped in excess of 50,000 tenants. Now partnering with over 50 plus local authorities and it's through these partnerships that led to the birth of Elliot Leigh TLC.

In 2018, Elliot Leigh were approached by their local authorities with an opportunity to expand their property offering to young people leaving care. As a result, a new division was born and experts were quickly recruited to not only provide various types of accommodation, but also provide the support that vulnerable young people aged 16-25 need. As such Elliot Leigh TLC now work with many borough across London and have provided support for hundreds of young people, each with a dedicated in-house key worker. The success stories are endless, with young people heading into employment or to university, simply doing things that they wouldn't have found possible without TLC's support and guidance.

Having built an established brand in the property industry, the group further expanded into a traditional estate agent division, Elliot Leigh Residential. Providing sales & lettings services across East London.

Elliot and Leigh continue to explore more ways to provide housing for local authorities, but also provide support for landlords during the current housing crisis. As landlords themselves, they empathise with other landlords who may during this challenging time, however they are confident that the future will get brighter.

If you are a landlord or a budding investor and would like some advice on property or any of our services, get in touch with us today.

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