Welcome to Elliot Leigh

Established in 2003 Elliot Leigh is a leading provider of guaranteed rent schemes across London and surrounding areas. Our expertise and knowledge come from a combined experience of over 100 years in the business. We know what is important to our clients and we aim to work with them to achieve an exceptional level of service.

How We Can Help You

  •   We work longer, harder and smarter to give you that little extra.
  •   Elliot Leigh understand the most important requirements for a landlord when letting a property. We have designed the guaranteed rent scheme to ensure that a landlord has minimal hassle and stress when renting property.
  •   Our staff are experienced in dealing with all aspects of property management and are continually trained to ensure the service we provide exceeds our customers’ expectations.
      Our quality assurance procedures awarded through IS9001:2015 and our membership of the property ombudsman ensure that our service is regarded as excellent and continues to improve.

Other accreditations include:

  • – ISO 14001:2015
  • – LLAS member
  • – Exor member

  We have contracts to supply properties to a large number of local authorities. We source the market to ensure that our clients get the best possible deal.

Step by step guide to renting with the guaranteed rent scheme


  • Initial inspection and valuation carried out.
  • ElliotLeigh list any required works.
  • Keys and signed terms of business given to ElliotLeigh.
  • ElliotLeigh arrange for safety checks and EPC.
  • Building insurance given to ElliotLeigh.
  • Inventory carried out at property.
  • Housing officer from local authority checks property.
  • Property added to vacant list.
  • Lease agreement signed by landlord.
  • Tenant found to move into property.
  • Tenant check-in completed.
  • Utility companies and council tax notified.
  • Landlord paid in arrears on the 15th of each month.

  Rent guaranteed every month 

We understand the utmost importance of receiving the correct rent on time every month. With us, rent is guaranteed to be paid on the same day of the month every month, by Bacs, for the duration of the contract.

This is not an insurance-based guarantee where you have to wait for an insurance company to pay the outstanding rent or pay an excess.


  We pay even if the property is empty and free refurbishments

The guaranteed rent scheme ensures you get paid on the same day every month even if the property is empty.

If a tenant moves out, we will arrange for any required works to be completed so that a new tenant can move in without delay. This includes; painting, cleaning, damage repairs, etc, all without charge to a landlord.


  Tailor made contracts to suit you

The guaranteed rent service provided can be Tailor made to suit your needs including the length of the contract.


  0% Commission

You receive a fully managed service at 0% commission. A professional, personalised service from experts who are experienced in property management and are committed to working on your behalf.


  Guaranteed rent start date

The guaranteed rent scheme offers landlords a fast track letting service.

There are no tenant viewings, no tenant rent negotiations and no long periods waiting for a tenant to move in and we do not require furniture. The contract will have a fixed start date so even if a tenant is not found your rent will commence on the contracts start date.


There are 3 easy steps to renting your property:

  •   Property viewed by an ElliotLeigh property consultant. The rent and required works will be discussed and agreed.
  •   Safety certificates completed free of charge by ElliotLeigh.
  •   Final inspection and inventory completed, property accepted and rent payments commence.

  Expert Management

ElliotLeigh has established itself as one of the leading property management agencies in London and Essex. We believe in offering a service unmatched by other companies designed to put the landlord first.

You will have a nominated property manager,looking after you and your property who will be your point of contact at ElliotLeigh and will deal with all aspects of managing the property.


  Free repairs

We have a large team of trained and qualified in-house maintenance operatives that deal with all repairs and refurbishments.

All contractors are accredited using our rigorous approval process and are members of the required regulatory body for their field.

We complete minor repairs free of charge for landlords as part of our management service at no cost to the landlord.



Your property will be inspected every 4-12 weeks by your dedicated property inspector.

When a new tenant moves into the property a ‘check in’ will be completed showing them how the appliances work, take meter readings and provide the tenant information about the property and local area.

When a tenant moves out a ‘check out’ will be completed.


  No evictions costs

There are no eviction costs that the landlord needs to pay. If a tenant needs to be evicted the cost of the eviction is covered by the local authority.



A photographic inventory will be produced when we take on the property. This will be carried out by our trained staff and is completed free of charge.


  Relax and enjoy our hassle-free service

Looking for your property can be time-consuming and stressful. The guaranteed rent scheme is designed to take the stress out of renting your property. We offer round the clock support dealing with any problems including a 24/7 emergency service.

Benefits of the guaranteed rent scheme

We aim to take as much of the hassle out of renting a property but still ensure that you receive market rents, we do this by:


  • Leasing the property for 2-5 years.
  • Achieving market value rents on the property.
  • Paying the rent on the same day every month, guaranteed.
  • Paying you even if the property is empty.
  • Carrying a full management service at 0% commission.
  • Inspecting the property every 8 – 12 weeks.
  • Carrying out a inventory FREE OF CHARGE
  • Arranging an electrical safety test FREE OF CHARGE
  • Arranging a gas safety check FREE OF CHARGE
  • Arranging an EPC FREE OF CHARGE
  • Claiming and rectifying for damages done.
  • Getting the property ready for a new tenant by cleaning, painting, making good, etc each time a tenant moves out.
  • Carrying out minor repairs FREE OF CHARGE
  • Use our in house customer service team to deal with all the day to day issues.

Properties urgently required in London & Essex for waiting families


  • 3 Months rent in advance
  • Guaranteed tenant within 10 days
  • FREE Safety certificates & inventory
  • 0% Commission
  • Guaranteed Rents
  • No Void Periods, you get paid even if your property is empty
  • Free minor repairs
  • 2-5 Year leases available
  • Inspections every 8-12 weeks

Due to unprecedented demand by all local authorities, we require all type and sizes of properties across London and the surrounding areas

We are able to offer landlords a guaranteed rent start date to ensure your property is generating an income as soon as possible.

We are also offering landlords a free gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate and free EPC for all new properties.