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Winter Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

hand removing moss and leaves from a wet gutter

It is essential for any landlord to have a winter maintenance checklist to complete before the harsh winter weather kicks in. If left untreated, these hazards could cause serious, expensive damage to your property.

Roofs and guttering

If your property is missing roof tiles this could result in leaks and interior damp to the property. Leaks and damp have the potential to lead to expensive structural damage

Furthermore, you should always undertake an annual gutter clean at the beginning of every winter, after the autumn leaves have fallen, to prevent remove the build up of leaves. Not doing so can cause serious leaks and damp to the interior of you property.

Repair Cracks and Crevices

Always check for gaps and cracks on the exterior of your property such as air leaks around windows and doors as well as ill fitted doors as these can result in serious damp and mould issues.

Check Your Pipes

Frozen water in pipes expand and can cause burst pipes. Before winter strikes, ensure all pipes are well insulated with no cracks. Have a boiler service and fix dripping taps. If your property is going to be empty over the winter period, make sure you’re still running the heating, even if this is at low temperatures, to avoid frozen pipes.

Undertake Winter Boiler Maintenance

To avoid your boiler freezing ensure the heating is run regularly, bleed the radiator and make sure the boiler has had its annual service by a gas registered engineer. If your property is empty, remember to set the heating to run for a few hours a day.

Broken Fences

Fences are the responsibility of the landlord. Before the wind gets worse, it is important to check for any broken and/or loose posts and trim any overhanging trees to prevent potential damage.

Prevent Pests

Seal any holes and cracks around the property to prevent mice and other creatures entering the property.

Fireplaces and chimneys

To prevent fire risk, get your chimneys and fireplaces professionally cleaned to reduce debris build up, particularly after autumn.

Prevent Frozen Door Locks

Using a lubricant spray on door locks can prevent potential freezes.

As a landlord it is important to make sure your tenants are educated on how to properly take care of your property during the winter. At Elliot Leigh Guaranteed Rent each property has an allocated property manager and property inspector to ensure upkeep. Tenant guides are provided on topics such as bleeding a radiator, boiler use and changing a lightbulb amongst others. We also provide maintenance 24/7 to your property on behalf of you and minor repairs come free of charge. Find out more of the benefits of Guaranteed Rent here.

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