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What advantages do you get from guaranteed rent?

Guaranteed rent in London has become a popular trend today. It’s easy to see why so many look to it as there’s greater flexibility for property owners. Guaranteed rent allows for a simpler way to rent out your property. It’s a fantastic idea when you want to rent out a property. You can earn a regular income each month, whether or not the rental agency has a tenant in place. It’s ideal, but what advantages do you get from guaranteed rent in London?

Zero stress with guaranteed rent in London

Whenever you rent a property, you worry about the tenants and whether they’ll pay the rent on time. It can be a stressful time, especially if the property sits empty for a while. Fortunately, guaranteed rent in London removes most of that stress. A guaranteed rental agency will do everything on your behalf. That means you sit back and get paid a monthly income without lifting a finger. It’s a huge advantage, to say the least.

You know you’re guaranteed a monthly income

As the name suggests, guaranteed rent means your rental income is guaranteed each month, no matter if the property is occupied or empty.

Owning a property can be a solid investment, but the thought of renting it out can be worrisome. You can’t be sure the tenants will pay on time and if they don’t, it means you have to chase them up. It’s not something you relish; however, guaranteed rent in London changes the game.

When you as a landlord opt for guaranteed rent, the estate agent who signs the agreement becomes responsible for the rent payments each month, even if there are no tenants in the property. You can use a guaranteed rental agency and be sure of a monthly income. That’s a huge advantage of guaranteed rent in London. You know you’ll be guaranteed payment each month. This offers landlords peace of mind each month, it gives them the certainty that they can manage their finances each month.

The agency deals with the tenant

Guaranteed rent in London can be perfect for those who want to rent their property but do not want to deal with tenants. With a guaranteed rental agency, you allow them to do everything. For instance, the agency will give you a monthly income whether or not a tenant is in place. Most will deal with tenant problems and maintenance issues as well. It really does make a huge difference for property owners and that’s why guaranteed rent in London is so popular today.

A new way to rent out your property

Renting out a property directly to a tenant typically comes with a few hiccups which can be off-putting. Using the services of a guaranteed rental agency, however, could make the process easier. The agency signs a contract with you guaranteeing a monthly income, then they will lease the property to a third party. Best of all, they deal with most maintenance issues too. Guaranteed rent in London is a practical option to consider today.

Thousands of happy landlords opt for guaranteed rent, as opposed to traditional rental schemes, to look after their properties. Guaranteed rent offers a wide range of benefits, but here are some of our favourites…

Your property will be looked after

We will hold regular property inspections and maintenance, to ensure your property is maintained to the highest standard throughout the entirety of the guaranteed rent agreement. Furthermore, as part of the guaranteed rent agreement, your property will be returned in the same condition it was taken on in. If there is any damage or wear and tear to your property, the estate agent managing it becomes responsible for this.

No empty periods

There are no empty periods with guaranteed rent. If one tenant has moved out, and a new one is yet to move in, the estate agent will still pay you on a regular basis. This is one of the biggest benefits of guaranteed rent.

The benefits of guaranteed rent cannot be overrated. As a landlord, it gives you a reliable source of income, with little to no expectation on you to manage the property or tenant. We give financial peace of mind to landlords across London. If you would like to learn more, just get in touch.

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