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Our latest HMO Guaranteed Rent Project

This is Spencer Lodge, a brand new HMO development in North London and the latest huge Guaranteed Rent project that we have taken on here at Elliot Leigh.

We have offered this property on behalf of a corporate landlord, as a bespoke deal for a local authority who have block-booked the whole building on a long term basis with 22 self contained units. All rooms are finished to an excellent standard with en-suites and kitchenettes, alongside larger communal kitchens on each floor.

What that means for the landlord is he now has guaranteed rent for all of the rooms long term, with market rent. As part of the Guaranteed Rent scheme this means that for the landlord there is no void periods, no maintenance or eviction worries - which are just some of the many benefits of Guaranteed Rent. As per a request, we've also managed to book a 24hr caretaker, so we're ensuring that we're looking after the landlord, tenant and the property's overall needs.

This is one of many exciting projects we have going on at the moment. Over the last 20 years we have paid out over £400 million in Guaranteed Rent and have helped in excess of 50,000 tenants in the social housing sector.

We’re working with more and more with corporate landlords and as social housing demand increases, we’re looking for more, to cater to the needs of local authorities.

Behind the property, building work has begun for another building with 10 self-contained properties which we look forward to handing over in the future.

To learn more about what we can do for your property, whether a HMO, flat or house - get in touch today.

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