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Homelessness on the rise as social temporary accommodation runs out

A recent report investigation by ITV News has stated that the UK housing crisis is worsening, due to the lack of properties available for social housing. Our blog last month discussed reports that stated an alarming 100,000+ households are residing in temporary housing in the UK, however it's now become an even bigger problem now that temporary accommodation is running out, with some households resorting to living in tents.

What did we learn from the ITV report?

  • Hotels across the country are packed full of families who have been evicted or had to move out of their private rented property.

  • 242,000 UK households are experiencing homelessness including rough sleeping, sofa-surfing and B&B stays.

  • 85% of councils across England are facing an increase in people experiencing homelessness, the highest number in any year since the survey began in 2012.

  • 88% of councils report an increase in requests for support from those evicted from the private rented sector, while 93% anticipate a further increase over the coming year.

  • Local authorities are increasingly turning to the private rented sector to try and house low-income households.

What can we do to help this housing crisis?

Elliot Leigh have been working with local authorities for 20 years to provide social housing on behalf of landlords who would otherwise be in the private rental sector. With temporary accommodation running out and homelessness on the rise, we are in high demand for more properties to help combat the social housing crisis.

Understanding that changes in the market and the overall cost of living has had huge implications on mortgage rates and as a result, rent increase requests, we continue to provide landlords with the highest market rent possible.

In exchange for your property, we ensure that you have a hassle free experience through our fully managed service and guaranteed monthly rent - regardless of if you property is empty.

Get in touch today to learn more about our Guaranteed Rent scheme and get a quote for your property.

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