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Property Portfolio Owners & Investors

If you are a portfolio landlord who is looking for an agent to review or increase your portfolio, maximise your income and take the hassle and stress out of letting a property - Elliot Leigh can help you.

Services We Provide

Review of current portfolio

We would be more than happy to review your current portfolio to ensure you are maximising your income.

Dedicated portfolio manager

Elliot Leigh will nominate a senior member of staff to deal with the management of the property. They will be on call for you at any time and deal with all aspects of managing your portfolio.

Help in growing your portfolio

We work with a large number of property estate agents across London and surrounding areas to ensure that we have unique access to get called first regarding investment opportunities, normally often before they reach to come to the market.

Advice and help on mortgages

It can sometimes be difficult obtaining a mortgage if you have multiple properties, however, our experience and contacts mean we can obtain professional advice and provide assistance on any mortgage if needed.

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For HMO Owners

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We have extensive experience managing both HMO properties and hostels.  Our services include maximising your income, help in applying for a license, completing the additional works required, letting the entire property or just rooms as well as managing the property.


We work with a number of local authorities who are keen to take good quality properties on a block booking basis. We are also able to let rooms on an individual basis but will advise a landlord on the best route to take to get the best return

Guaranteed Rent

This is the perfect scheme that guarantees monthly rent to landlords. Giving a financial peace of mind and reassurance in the event the tenants fail to pay rent.

For more information please call 0208 983 4444

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