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Guaranteed Rent Letting Agent New Cross Town

1-5 year flexible leases
Free refurbishments
0% commission
No late rents
Top rates paid
Fully Managed
Prompt Payments
Instant sign up
Rent paid even if vacant
Repairs carried out for free

Guaranteed rent offers a huge range of benefits over conventional letting, this provides peace of mind for New Cross Town landlords. We assure rent is paid on time, every month, regardless of whether the tenants are late paying, or the property is empty. Other benefits include

Peace of Mind for Letting Agent New Cross Town Landlord


​What Our Clients Say

I have just signed another 2-year lease with Elliot Leigh under their guaranteed rent scheme. As an overseas landlord, it is comforting to know my property is in good hands. The rent is always paid on time, and I have had very prompt if not immediate responses to my emails

Laura, Ilford

Have been with Elliot Leigh for good 7 years and given them at least 3 of my properties. I am planning to give them all my property to run when it’s available. I find them very professional always paid rent on time. Very friendly staff Steve & Rahena. Yes, I would recommend to all. Thanks

Mr F Ahmed

The staff at Roman Road are excellent. When issues have arisen they have dealt with it promptly. After the first tenant left the staff did a good job of decorating – probably better than ours! As promised, the payments have been regular and on time. Thank you

Mr Howard

The Benefits of Guaranteed Rent


Why Use Our Guaranteed Rent Letting Agency?

A guaranteed rent scheme offers you stress free rental income. Our guaranteed rent letting agents take on a range of properties, across New Cross Town. Furthermore, if your property needs refurbishments we may be able to cover the costs. However big or small your property is, we offer top rates.

Elliot and Leigh founded the Elliot Leigh guaranteed rent letting agency after renting their own properties through the same scheme, and realising how many benefits there were. The pair quickly recognised the advantages a guaranteed rent scheme offers, and they wanted to share these benefits with landlords across London. They differentiate themselves from other guaranteed rent letting agents by providing exceptional customer service, ensuring landlords are happy through the entire process.

Rent Upfront

3 months rent paid in advance

Guaranteed Rent start date

We will start your rent even if a tenant has not yet moved in.

No empty periods & contract

The rent is guaranteed even when the property is empty and the service provided can be tailor made to suit your needs including the length of the contract.

No furniture needed

We only require a fridge freezer and a cooker - no other furniture is needed.

Dedicated property manager

You will be allocated a property manager and property inspector who will be solely responsible for looking after you and your property.

0% commission 

There is no commission to pay on the guaranteed rent scheme.

Free repairs

We complete minor repairs at the property free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

Free property inspectors

Regular Inspections are completed by your dedicated property inspector.

Maximum rent achieved

We offer flexible tailor-made contracts of 1-5 years to suit your needs, but can offer contracts up to 10 years for certain properties. We work with most London boroughs so are able to source the market to achieve the best possible rental income.

No additional costs 

We will complete all check-ins, checks-outs and property checks and even cover council tax and utilities between tenancies.

24/ 7 maintenance 

We operate a 24/7 maintenance service to ensure our properties are well maintained.

Free Refurbishments

During the contract we will refresh the property each time a tenant moves out to ensure it’s ready for a new tenant to move into. Terms and conditions apply. 

Benefits of our Guaranteed Rent Service

Instant Valuation

Book an Instant Valuation 

1. Appraisal

Initial property appraisal, rent agreed and contracts signed

2. Certification

Works and free certificates completed, final property inspection and photographic inventory undertaken.


Contract commencement, tenant moves in and utility companies notified.


Guaranteed rental payments paid each month with minimal disruption and hassle to landlord.

A stroll through the beautiful architecture and lovely houses of the boroughs of Chelsea a

Four Easy Steps

to renting on the Guaranteed Rent scheme.

Leadership Team

Steve Westley

General Manager 

Gorkem Idil 

Property Services Manager 

Stuart Bond

Lettings Manager 

Elka Dancheva 

Accounts Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Guaranteed Rent scheme?

Guaranteed Rent (can also be known as Rent to Rent) is a scheme designed to ensure that a landlord has minimal hassle when letting their property. We lease your property from you for a period of time and then rent the property to other tenants on your behalf, taking full control of the property management.

What size properties do you accept & in what areas?

We are able to take any size property onto the Guaranteed Rent scheme. We have a high demand for 1-4 bedroom properties. We will take properties in any London borough or surrounding area.

Is the Guaranteed Rent scheme worth it for Landlords?

We believe Guaranteed Rent is worth it for landlords because you receive consistent rent payments that are guaranteed, even if the property is empty. This gives landlords financial peace of mind, knowing that they will always be paid.

What is the maximum length of contract for Guaranteed Rent?

We offer landlords flexible contracts however of 1 – 5 years to suit your needs but can offer contracts up to 10 years for certain properties.

What happens to my property when a tenant moves out?

When a tenant vacates the property during the contract, we will arrange for works to bring the property back up to the required standard, this includes painting, cleaning, fixing damages, etc. We also pay for the council tax and utility bills when the property is empty.

How much rent can I achieve through Guaranteed Rent?

We always like to see a property before a valuation is given. This gives us the opportunity to check the property meets the required standards and also ensures that you are maximising the rent on your property.

Will you complete works before the property is rented?

Once a property is on our Guaranteed Rent scheme, we are able to complete both small repairs and large refurbishments and are able to offer landlords payment plans to help spread the cost.

Who do you work with on the Guaranteed Rent scheme?

We work with most London boroughs. This means that we are able to achieve the best possible rent and rent the property in the quickest time possible.

We have successfully tendered and been awarded contracts to supply properties to a large number of local authorities across London & Essex. We are not tied to one borough and are able to offer your property to numerous boroughs to ensure you achieve the best possible rental income.

Who we work with / areas covered

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