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Tenant Information

Allow Access to Inspections / repairs

We are required to inspect your property on a regular basis. Prior to any inspection, we will contact you by telephone or letter to arrange a suitable time.

You must allow us access to the property to carry out inspections/Repairs and you must not miss a pre-arranged appointment if you do miss a pre-arranged appointment you may be charged.

Not Keep Pets

No pets are allowed to be kept on the property. This is stated in your tenancy agreement.

Do Not Make Changes To The Property Without Permission

Should you wish to make changes to the property you must first request permission from Elliot Leigh, below are examples of items you must seek permission to change. If you are authorized to change the below items you will be required to pay a deposit of £25.00 for each item, this will be returned when you leave the property.

– Decorating
– Changing curtains
– Installing pictures / TV’s / shelves / etc on walls
– Installing satellite dishes

Pay Bills

As a tenant you are responsible for paying the below bills:

– Gas
– Electric
– Water rates
– Council tax
– Telephone / broadband

Look After The Property

You must ensure that you look after the property and gardens.

Properties must be kept clean and tidy.

Windows and curtains should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Grass must be cut on a regular basis (at least every 2 weeks during summer months)

Garden vegetation/shrubs must be cut back and not allowed to become overgrown.

Abide By The Rules Of Your Tenancy Agreement

It is important that you observe the below terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. Failure to abide by these obligations may result in further action taken against you by the landlord or the council.

1. No more than the permitted number of people can live at the property.
2. You must not make excessive noise or a nuisance or allow other members of the household or visitors to make excessive noise or cause a nuisance.
3. You must pay all water, gas, electric, council tax and phone bills.
4. You must not keep pets at the property.
5. You must keep the property including the garden in a good and clean condition.
6. You must not cause damage to the property and you must immediately repair any damage that is caused.

You Will Be Charged For Any Damage Caused By Any Member Of The Household Or A Visitor.

7. You must not carry out illegal activates in the property.
8. You must report repairs to Elliot Leigh immediately.
9. You must allow access to Elliot Leigh when requested.
10. You must ensure that when you move out:
– The property is left in clean condition
– All bills are paid
– Any damage is repaired
– No items are missing

Additional Information


If you have been housed by a London Borough’s housing and homeless accommodation section, the property will be provided as un-furnished, however, if any furniture is left in the property it will only be removed at your council’s request excluding the cooker and the fridge freezer which would need to remain in the property.

You are still responsible for ensuring that these items are looked after whilst you live at the property.


Elliot Leigh is committed to improving the quality of service to our customers and welcomes any feedback you may have to help us do this. Should you wish to make a complaint please write to us, email us or request a customer complaints form, we will then respond within 14 days.

Local Information

You will be provided with information relating to the local area of your new home.

Moving Out

When you have been informed that you will be moving out of the property you must contact us as soon as possible so a convenient time can be booked to arrange a ‘check out’. When you move out you must ensure:

1. Any damage to the property caused by you has been rectified including excessive wear& tear. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THE PROPERTY THAT HAS NOT BEEN RECTIFIED.
2. The property has been thoroughly cleaned.
3. Rubbish / personal belonging have been removed from the property.
4. No Items are missing from the property.
5. All bills have been paid and you have informed the supplier you are moving out and no debt has been left on the meter.

Items You Are Responsible For In The Property

As a tenant you are responsible for certain items on the property, these include:

– Blocked sinks/baths/toilets caused by tenant misuse.
– Changing locks / cutting additional keys due to lost keys.
– Damaged caused by the tenant or visitors.
– Clearing gardens should they become over-grown.
– Removal of tenant-owned furniture.
– Changing light bulbs.

Satisfaction Questionnaire

You will be provided with a satisfaction questionnaire twice a year. Please, can you take the time to complete the questionnaire and return it? You may choose not to provide your details, but providing this information will ensure that we are able to follow up on any comments you have provided regarding any particular problems you may have.

All information provided is handled with strict confidentiality and will be used to improve our service.

Tenant Guide On Property Rating System & Damages

Under a new scheme to try and improve property standards, we will be implementing a new system where we rate the condition of properties. Depending on the condition you will receive a rating of 1 to 5, the rating will be based on cleanliness, tidiness, and damages and will be as follows:

5 = Very Good – Property very clean, very tidy and very well looked after with no damages.
4 = Good – Property clean and tidy with no damages.
3 = Average – Property looked after by tenant but heavy wear and tear noted.
2 = Poor – Property requires cleaning, tidying and there are minor damages (such as drawing on walls). The property will need improving on next visit and the warning letter will be sent.
1 = Very poor – Property in a poor state and there are damages. Will require urgent making good by the tenant and the council will be notified immediately.

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