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Guaranteed Rent Letting Agent

A guaranteed rent scheme offers you stress free rental income. Our guaranteed rent letting agents take on a range of properties, across London. Furthermore, if your property needs refurbishments we may be able to cover the costs. However big or small your property is, we offer top rates.

The Benefits of Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed rent offers a huge range of benefits over conventional letting, this provides peace of mind for landlords. We assure rent is paid on time, every month, regardless of whether the tenants are late paying, or the property is empty. Other benefits include…

-No empty periods

-No furniture needed

-No commission

-No repair fees

-No hidden costs

-No difficult tenants to deal with

-No council tax or bills to cover

Easy Steps to Renting on The Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Initial property appraisal, rent agreed and contracts signed
Works and free certificates completed, final property inspection and photographic inventory undertaken
Contract commencement, tenant moves in and utility companies notified
Guaranteed rental payments paid each month with minimal disruption and hassle to landlord.

What Our Clients Say

“I have just signed another 2-year lease with Elliot Leigh under their guaranteed rent scheme. As an overseas landlord, it is comforting to know my property is in good hands. The rent is always paid on time, and I have had very prompt if not immediate responses to my emails.”


“Have been with Elliot Leigh for good 7 years and given them at least 3 of my properties. I am planning to give them all my property to run when it’s available. I find them very professional always paid rent on time. Very friendly staff Steve & Rahena. Yes, I would recommend to all. Thanks”


“We went into our first lease two years ago. We have been served well by the staff at Roman Road. When issues of repair have arisen they have dealt with it promptly. Where it was my responsibility they informed me and I go on and did the work. After the first tenant left the staff did a good job of decorating – probably better than ours!! And the garden which had been neglected was brought back under control. As promised, the payments have been regular and on time. Thank you,


“I have used the services of Elliot Leigh for the past 3 years and I cannot praise them enough for the quality of their service. I have not had any issues or cause for concern and I know I can rely on them to get an honest and prompt response when tenants call them up. I have no reservations in recommending them to others because I know they will do their very best to not let me down.”


Why Use Our Guaranteed Rent Letting Agency?

Elliot and Leigh founded the Elliot Leigh guaranteed rent letting agency after renting their own properties through the same scheme, and realising how many benefits there were. The pair quickly recognised the advantages a guaranteed rent scheme offers, and they wanted to share these benefits with landlords across London. They differentiate themselves from other guaranteed rent letting agents by providing exceptional customer service, ensuring landlords are happy through the entire process.


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