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What areas do you cover?

We will take properties in any London borough or surrounding area.

What size properties do you take?

We are able to take any size property onto the scheme. We have a high demand for 1-4 bedroom properties.

What is the maximum length of contract?

We offer landlords flexible contracts, however, the maximum contract length is 5 years.

How much rent can I achieve?

We always like to see a property before a valuation is given. This gives us the opportunity to check the property meets the required standards and also ensures that you are maximising the rent on your property.

Who do you work with?

We work with most London boroughs. This means that we are able to achieve the best possible rent and rent the property in the quickest time possible.

Who pays for eviction costs?

In the unlikely event that a tenant needs to be evicted during the term, the local authority will work with us to evict the tenant. The landlord will still receive monthly rent payments and will not pay for the cost of the.

What happens when a tenant moves out?

When a tenant vacates the property we will arrange for the required works to bring the property back up to the required standard, this includes painting, cleaning, fixing damages, etc. We also pay for the council tax and utility bills when the property is empty.

Will you complete works before the property is rented?

We are able to complete both small repairs and large refurbishments of properties and are able to offer landlords’ payment plans to help spread the cost.

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