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About Elliot Leigh TLC

More than just a room


What Sets Us Apart

Elliot Leigh TLC are continuously expanding our services in line with the needs of young people and the requirements of the local authorities that we serve. We currently have access to 1,300 properties across London, Essex, Kent and Middlesex, these are distributed throughout the 20 London Boroughs that we currently work with:

We want young people accommodated in properties suitable to meet their needs. Elliot Leigh TLC have accommodated over 1,010 young people to date. 

We use a strength-based approach which looks at the skills and assets a young person has and how we can best support them. This includes:
•    Money/budgeting
•    Nutrition and cooking
•    Personal appearance and hygiene
•    Health
•    Housekeeping and maintenance
•    Education
•    Support networks

Engaging Young People

Engaging young people with our preparation for independence; individually tailored to suit their requirements. 

Involving Young People

Involving young people in every decision, enabling them to develop confidence and decision-making skills.

Utilising key work sessions

Utilising key work sessions with a support worker, focussing directly on skills in a supportive manner (e.g. budgeting, tracking finances, employment, education).

Reflective Understanding

Using key work sessions to help each young person gain a reflective understanding of what motivates them, and what they find challenging through our ‘Skills for Life’ handbook.


Signposting the young person to online resources to help them develop interests and pursue self-development; such as language learning, or cooking guides like Mob Kitchen.

Group Sessions

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Holding group sessions for education, CV, job hunting, and interview drop-in sessions to help young people build their skills.

Community Engagement

Helping the young people with community engagement through signposting, accompanying them to activities, or helping them make and maintain relationships.

Building Skills


Elliot Leigh TLC provides support for women and children experiencing domestic abuse throughout the London area.

Trained Team

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Our mission is to ensure safety of those facing domestic violence and provide emergency accommodation.

Domestic Violence

We offer support for women and children experiencing domestic abuse. Support is offered by the trained staff team as well as specialists in this area.


Our mission is to ensure safety of those facing domestic violence and help the victims in crisis and provide emergency accommodation.


Support is offered for women and children experiencing domestic abuse, delivered by trained staff team as well as specialists in this areas of domestic violence, victims in crisis and those needing emergency accommodation.

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