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16 to 25,

Mother & Baby Services

We provide Shared, Standalone and Studio accommodation for young people in care between the ages of 16 to 25. Our sole aim is to ensure our accommodation provides an environment which is safe and feels like a home. We serve Local Authorities throughout London & surrounding areas.

Accommodating & Providing Direction 



Training & Employment

Health, inc. Sexual Health


Independent Living Skills

Flexible Support

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding each service. We implement Pathway Plans in partnership with each young individual taking unique circumstances into consideration as and when suitable

Individual In Crisis

Young people who are in crisis for a multitude of reasons. We adapt to every situation and proceed with care. manner. 

Mental Health

We offer specialist 24/7 therapeutic support for children in need. Elliot Leigh has accommodated over 1010 young people with complex and emotional behavioural difficulties. Our expertise and services include 24/7 therapeutic support, dedicated specialist staff, support with emotional behavioural difficulties self Harm, Autism and drug / alcohol abuse.


Who have been assessed as having a Learning Disability/Mental Health issue.

Affected By Gangs

Who are affected by gang violence & known to the local young people Offending Service’s, or are need of accommodation following release from Young Offenders Institute.

Self Harm

Who have history of self-harm, sexual exploitation, absconding, antisocial or persistent offending behaviour and may be involved in or affected by gang activities.

Substance Misuse

With drug and alcohol issues and people who require a high staff presence.

16+ Services

Elliot Leigh TLC are continuously expanding services in line with needs of young people and the requirements of the local authorities that we serve. We offer 16+ accommodations to young people in a supported environment that you will call “more than a room”. Our aim is to provide a warm, safe and caring environment. 

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Do you have a referral? 

Fill out our contact referral form & a member of the team will be in touch

Learning Disabilities

We create a bespoke plan for any disability we manage. Whether its someone suffering from downs syndrome or Autistic Spectrum Disorder, we are able to adapt to all disabilities.

Mental Health

We offer specialist 24/7 therapeutic support for children in need. Elliot Leigh has accommodated over 1010 young people with complex and emotional behavioural difficulties. 

Forensic Individuals

We take care of individuals who have carried out a serious offence but have not been convicted. We look at each case individually and create a bespoke plan of action.

Physical Disabilities

We are able to source disabled friendly properties through our sister company Elliot Leigh Estate Agents. Our aim is to provide independence and consideration to people with physical disabilities.

Multiple Disabilities 

We have the ability to adapt to young person who has more than one condition. Our approach will still be bespoke and further assistance is provided when required.


If there is a particular condition you are concerned about then please get in touch to discuss this further. We will be happy to provide some light on our support structure.

18+ Services

We use a strengths-based approach to 18+ services which looks at what skills and assets a young person has and how we can best support them. We involve young people in every important decision, enabling them to develop confidence and decision-making skills. 

Working at home

Learn more about us and how our team are here to help you and your placement

Budgets & Shopping

It is key for a young parent to learn how to budget and make purchases that are necessary. Understanding how to ensure your budget is considerate to your children.

Healthy Eating 

A healthy lifestyle is important for children. It’s just as important as a parent. We ensure the parent learns how to eat well and feed her children well.


In todays world it has never been so important to adhere to hygiene. Our young parents are taught how to implement cleanliness for both themselves and their child.

Bonding Activities

Learning to bond with others is pivotal in learning to work with one another. These relationships can help a person to develop as a a person.

Rick Management

We are surrounded by risks everyday. For this reason it is important to learn how to mange risk and essentially make the right decisions.

Benefits & Housing

Knowing what you are entitled to and how to go about accessing key information and services will make the life of the parent and child much easier to navigate.


We encourage our young parents to seek employment so they can become independent and a valued member of society.

Social Activities

We introduce young parents to social scenarios. This is key to maintaining a healthy mind and body.


We will offer support throughout the entire process, ensuring young parents move on to a better life with all of the skills they have developed.

Mother & Baby Services

We research and promote engagement with relevant outside agencies, child health clinics and family information services. We also offer separate services for disabled children. We provide emotional support making sure young mums are in good mental health to have the capacity to effectively care for their children.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding each service.

Our Mission

Our approach is to be completely transparent and deliver an unrivalled service. We intricately oversee the needs of the individual and the Local Authority we are working alongside. Our mission is to provide the right accommodation, guidance and security to ensure a successful path to a young person's development. 

Emotional and cognitive immaturity
Mental health difficulties
Substance misuse
Social disadvantage and adversity
Negative experience of parenting
Poor role models
Serious trauma – PTSD

We are incredibly proud of our key workers who have extensive knowledge and experience in supporting young people in care. Our key workers work effectively to help young people overcome many issues such as:

Flexible Services

Health Registration 

Initial health assessments
GP registration
Optician registration
Dentist registration 

Establishing Bank Accounts

Opening bank account
Budgeting and saving
Achieve economic well- being

Achieving Goals

Budgeting and saving
Language skills
Being healthy
Staying safe
Enjoy and achieve
Making a positive contribution

Participation in Activities

Enjoy and achieve
Participation in refugee clubs
Meeting cultural needs

Independent living

Life skills
Independent skills
Promoting positive relationship


Training and development
Support in writing CV’s
Preparing for life long learning
Encourage to participate in volunteering work

Asylum Seekers

Our mission is to offer better living condition and opportunities to the Asylum Seekers.

Working at home

Learn more about us and how our team are here to help you and your placement

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