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    23 January 2018


Tenant Information

ElliotLeigh contact details
Maintenance: 0208 983 4544
Rental Payments: 0208 983 4544
Customer service: 0208 983 4544
Out of Hours emergency number: 07817 031587

Tenant Obligations
• Paying the rent as agreed.
• Paying bills for gas, electricity, telephone, etc if this was agreed with your landlord. 
• Keeping the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness and decoration.
• Making sure that you, members of your household or your visitors do not harass, cause nuisance or annoyance to the occupiers of any neighbouring or adjoining premises.
• Report defects to the landlord immediately  that they become apparent.
• Not use the premises for any purpose other than residential accommodation.
• Not keep pets, unless approved by ElliotLeigh or the landlord.
• Not bring into occupation other residents without informing the landlord. (Additional adult occupant/s will be required to sign a tenancy agreement). 
• Not leave the accommodation unoccupied for more that 14 days without informing the landlord or his agent.
• Give honest and truthful statements during the tenancy application process.
• Pay the landlord for any exceptional cleaning and rubbish removal at the end of a tenancy.
• Immediately repair any damage to the property caused by the tenant.
• Let either ElliotLeigh or the landlord inspect the property on a regular basis.

Basic Maintenance Guide
Clearing a clocked waste pipe
Bail out most of the water using a suitable container. Hold a cloth or rag firmly over the overflow opening, and place a plunger over the drain hole. Pump the plunger up and down rapidly. Plungers can be obtained from most DIY shops. After clearing the blockage, it is advisable to clean out the waste trap.

Cleaning out a waste trap
First bail out any excess water from the bath, basin, or sink using a jug or bowl. Place a bowl underneath the trap and unscrew the joints to remove the trap. Clean thoroughly and replace the trap, checking that the seals are in place and that all joints are screwed up tightly. If more than one fitting is blocked the problem may be in the soil stack or main drain. This will need to be cleared by the landlord or block management. Blockages are usually caused by the build-up of fat, tea leaves, hair, etc. It is advisable to clean wastes with a drain clearing product.

Clearing a blocked WC
If the pan is already full, remove most of the water into a suitable container using a jug or bowl. Push the toilet brush or plunger to the bottom of the pan and pump up and down vigorously about 10 times. This creates a vacuum and pressure which may shift the blockage. Check by flushing the toilet to see whether the blockage has gone. You may need to repeat the process several times before the toilet flushes normally. Do not use plungers with a metal disk, as these may chip or crack the toilet bowl.

This is a common problem during the winter months, it is essential to keep your home warm and ventilated to prevent dampness and mould growth from occurring. Condensation occurs when there is an excessive build up of moisture in the air. There is always moisture in the air, but people create additional moisture in their homes by:
• Cooking, or boiling water.
• Taking baths or showers.
• Using paraffin or bottled gas heaters.
• Drying clothes indoors.
You need to ensure that:
• You keep a window open or an extract fan on when drying clothes indoors.
• Keep all rooms warm - cold walls cause moisture in the air to condense on the surface and results in mould growth. In cold weather keep low background heating on permanently if possible and boost this when a room is being used.
• Open windows a small amount during the day or leave trickle ventilators permanently open to keep moisture levels in the air down.
• Don't block vents in the home.
• Do not position furniture in front of radiators.
• Open windows when cooking and after bathing or showering.
• Shut bathroom and kitchen doors when using these rooms.
• Don't use paraffin heaters as they produce a large amount of moisture.

No Water
If you have no water at the property first check with the water supplier to see if you have been mistakenly cut off or whether it is a block problem.

No gas
If you have no gas at the property first check that you have got credit on the card and check with the electric supplier to see if you have been mistakenly cut off or whether it is a block problem.

No electric
If you have no electric at the property first check that you have got credit on the card and check with the electric supplier to see if you have been mistakenly cut off or whether it is a block problem.
Fuse or trip switch
Check your consumer unit or fuse box: it will either have fuses or trip switches. Modern electric circuits are fitted with a circuit breaker fuse system: if a fault develops, a switch is tripped and the circuit s broken.
When a switch is tripped
Open the cover on the consumer unit to expose the trip switches. The Consumer Unit is usually next to the electricity meter. Check which switches have tripped to the OFF position and put them back to the ON position.

Pest control
Insect and rodent infestation in the home needs to be dealt with quickly as infestation can spread rapidly to neighbours' homes or even the whole block. Pests representing a health hazard (e.g. rats and cockroaches) are eradicated by the Council's Environmental Health department free of charge to residents. Call the Council and ask for Pest Control.

How do I report a maintenance issue at my property?
As soon as you are aware of a maintenance issue at your property you must phone ElliotLeigh on 0208 983 4544 straight away. When you call you must give as much information as possible. The issue will then be prioritised in accordance with our priority repair schedule and you will be told when some will attend the property.

What do I do if I have an emergency issue at my property?
If you have an emergency issue you can contact us on the one of the below numbers:
During office hours (Monday – Friday : 09:00 – 18:00): 0208 983 4533
Out of office hours: 07817 031587

How can I pay my rent? 
You can pay rent by either by BACS transfer, in the office or over the phone.

What bills do I have to pay? 
As a tenant you will be reasonable for paying your gas, electric & waters bills. You are also reasonable for paying council tax. ElliotLeigh will notify all these companies that you are the tenant as soon as you move in. 

Can I re-decorate my property?
You must seek permission from either ElliotLeigh or the landlord before you do any decorations works at the property. You must also seek permission before you put up new curtains, shelves or make any other alternations to the fixtures and fittings at the property.

Can I keep pets at my property?
Most tenancy agreement specifically state no pets allowed at the property, you will need specific permission from either ElliotLeigh or the landlord if you want to keep a pet.

How can I report anti-social behaviour?
If you need to report anti-social behaviour you can do so by contacting the council’s anti-social behaviour department. We also need to know so we can attempt to solve the issue on your behalf.

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